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Mortals and immortals have inhabited the Overworld since the beginning of time, but a failed coup to overthrow the realm of Sanctuary and it’s angelic inhabitants disrupts what fragile peace is left in the world. The war between angels and demons lasted approximately one year, bringing down a mass genocide upon many species with humans suffering the very worst of causalities.


Our story begins with humanity’s struggle to recover from the mass genocide committed 200 years earlier.

Notable Races


Sacred Blood

Angels are mystical beings that reside in the quiet, peaceful realm of Sanctuary. They possess extraordinary gifts of wide variety, making them one of the most biologically advanced species in existence. Though mysterious and rarely sighted on the Overworld, they are well known for their lack of human emotion and utmost devotion to their “Father”.

[…] Nephilims

Nephilims are illegal, interracial children of lesser angels and humans, normally subjected to suffer in the realm of Abaddon for the crime of their sacred parent. While many are gifted with extraordinary powers, there are few children who never develop any sacred gifts.


Ancient Blood

Vampyres are the most notorious and bureaucratic lures to date. The wisest and eldest often thrive within their own covens around the world, while the young and reckless become hunted by their greatest enemies.

[…] Bloodbornes

Bloodbornes are the natural born species of vampyres. They do not require blood to survive and can live many strong, healthy decades without ever having to drink a single drop of blood.

[…] Corpse-Walkers

Corpse-Walkers are vampyres created by bloodbornes. Unlike their makers, they are permanently scarred by the bite from which they turned. Strangely enough, they cannot digest anything other than blood and will slowly begin to wither away if they fail to feed themselves on a daily basis.

[…] Blood-Whores

Blood-Whores are monstrous and controversial vampyres with an acquired taste for pleasure. They are infamously known for feeding gluttonously off any and all living creatures in attempt of experiencing an unusual high that often leads to an intense arousal. As their hunger is never satiated, they are often killed by their own or experienced lure hunters.


Defiled Blood

Daevas’ are the rarest, mysterious and most elusive of all. Fables and legends labeled them as black-spirited demi-gods capable of great unpredictability, chaos and destruction. Other than the occasional tale to scare children, there isn’t much else known about them.


Forged Blood

One of the oldest species to date, mimics are faceless humanoid creatures capable of transmuting into whatever they define as a “fascinating organism”. They are well-known nomads often travelling in pairs to “find the peace”, assuming they aren’t wandering around by themselves in search of a potential mate.


Mortal Blood

Since the beginning of time, humans have always been the largest and most technologically advanced of civilizations on the Overworld. While they may not live as long as many other species, they appear to be the only species capable of unlocking the full potential of the estranged’s mystical teachings.


Vile Blood

Demons are arguably the most unpredictable species of all as they do not have any known form of government or regard for anyone but themselves. They originated from the realm of the Underland, gifted beyond measure, and reside solely wherever they please.

[…] Daemons

Daemons are the children of demons and humans. They are commonly found on the Overworld with powerful and devastating abilities.

Original Spirit-Warriors

Bestial Blood

Original Spirit-Warriors are holy creatures designed by the archangels of Sanctuary with the concept of a perfect entity capable of shifting between man and beast. Once fondly known as the guardians of Sanctuary, they were eventually exiled from their home realm during a violent rebellion against their creators. But to those unaware of their true history, they are considered natives on the Overworld.

[…] Skin-Walkers

Skin-Walkers are humans taught the mystical art of skin-walking which extended their youth indefinitely and allowed them to take animal form, so long as they held something of their desired beast and a single fang from an original spirit-warrior. While in their animal skin, they are never overwhelmed by the creature’s natural instincts and maintain every aspect of their own humanity.

[…] Shapeshifters

Shapeshifters are humans that fell victim to the venom of an Original family member. Because human physiology was unable to withstand the poisonous venom, their mind and behavior were irreversibly altered. While most immediately die from the venom within the first few days, some are strong enough to survive their first change and seek out their alpha. However, there are few that never leave human form and eventually driven insane. Their existence caused great controversy among the families, leaving them to be seen as nothing more than rabid mutts with dangerous temperaments.

Realms (and other locations)


“It’s a place where a bunch of gorgeous idiots are scared of some magical fruit tree.”

As the home of God’s most respected creations, Sanctuary is home to angels and many other holy creatures.

[…] Gardens of Eden

The Gardens of Eden is described as a luxurious and magnificent sight of the most promising fields and mountain ranges. It is said that the deeper one dwells inside, the land eventually grows colorless and barren until all that is left is a single tree flourishing as it sings the sweetest of lies, encouraging all to take bite of it’s wicked fruit. Recognizing the threat that Eden poses on all of life, the gardens were closed to all affected by it and are only accessible to the angels of Sanctuary as they are immune to Eden’s pleading voice.

[…] Abaddon’s Playground

As the story goes, there was an angel by name of Abaddon. He, like many others, kept his sacred child hidden from the hierarchy but his attempt was eventually uncovered. The child, Sheol, was brought before the council and sentenced to death for the crime of existing. As Abaddon’s punishment, he was left to care for a hellish place where children of disgrace would be sent to fight to the death, or live in complete and utter agony.

[…] Purgatory and the Walls of Iso

Like Abaddon’s Playground, it is a world of suffering and chaos. It serves as an eternal prison within Sanctuary, holding only those who have committed the greatest of crimes. However, beyond that, there is nothing else known about it as those who go in have never come back out.

The Shroud

“Well, I’ve never been there but I hear it’s dark, morbid and uncomfortably warm.”

Cloaked from most living creatures, the Shroud is a decrepit and lifeless realm for spirits and the dead. Oddly enough, it also houses an infinite number of strange monstrosities acting as its guardians, such as leviathans, chimeras and hell-hounds.


“It might as well be called hell.”

[…] Underlands and the Great Tehom

In a place where laws do not exist and everyone ignores the most desperate of screams, the Underland is widely recognized as “hell” and easily accessible to all living creatures.


The Great Tehom, however, is described as “a bottomless abyss” run by an entity known as the Warden. This make-shift prison houses not only the world’s most dangerous criminals, but also the most innocent of souls. While it is difficult to determine who qualifies to be a prisoner in such a horrible place, it’s rumored that they’ll occasionally sell their prisoners into a lifetime of slavery.