Warriorscape | All Hallows’ Eve
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All Hallows’ Eve


I soaked in the warmth of her body, though I made no daring effort to uncover my face and welcome the morning just yet. Instead, I focused on the soft, tender lips making their way down my neck, suppressing the desire to moan and encourage her further. Soon enough, I felt her hands shamelessly groping my breasts, and it was in that moment I realized that she knew I was awake.


“It’s hard to ignore the subtle changes of beautifully drawn breath,” Kali mumbled affectionately as I felt her lips sucking generously near my already hardened nipples. “Sorry to wake you. Guess I just couldn’t help myself, especially today of all days.”


“It’s fine,” I stretched my arms high above my head and yawned as I opened my eyes. Streaks of sunlight trickled in through the curtain and blinded me momentarily. It took all my strength to not pull back on the sheets and drift off once again. “What time is it?”


“Early,” She answered simply. “Honestly, I’m a little surprised that no one’s dared to knock on our door and ask for the hand of such captivating company.”


“Company familiar only to you,” I said with a smile as I glanced down to see the ashen-haired woman on top of me. Her blue eyes were gazing, showing nothing but love and affection while her lips curled into a charming smile.


“Of that, I have no doubts… but I feel I must ask if you’re alright?” Her voice grew a touch more concerned while running her slender fingers through my hair. “You were running on fumes for a while, and it didn’t exactly help that you were blowing the lights out all night.”

End of Preview