God Games (Series)

Also known as Beginning and End: Michael V Lucifer

Two souls tethered for eternity. It was both a blessing and a curse, but it’s the loss of their newborn son that starts this dark chain of events.

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Without Direction.

No supernatural mayhem included. Previously known as All We Know

How does someone survive modern-day Manhattan with no money and a long history of bad decisions? Why not follow Hailey and her friends to find out?

Selina Ibarra / JaayAnon / Jay

I.. uh.. write stories. c:

To longtime friends, Selina was always known to be a complete and utter nerd caught up in her own little world. If she wasn’t writing about some strange and far-off tales, legend has it that you could find her playing video games with friends. What’s even more fascinatingly geeky about her is that she enjoys describing herself in third-person when she writes.

What a nerd! (huehue)

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