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Good morning, warriors! Hope you’re all having a great start to your Thanksgiving Day! @_@ Unfortunately, I won’t be having...

[Project SOUL] Log #1

[Project SOUL] Log #1

Hello, my warriors! 😀 I just wanted to provide some detailed updates on the upcoming visual novel, Origins: Balance. Progression on...

God Games #RETOLD!

Hello, again! 😀 Today, we’re going over the subject of God Games. As stated in previous posts, I started hitting deadlines on...

Chapter 1: Some Nights has been released!

Out of the way, people! There’s a new kid on the block… With God Games currently on hiatus, I’ve re-created the...

Holiday Events + Updates!

Hello, peoplez. (: This is just a little announcement and Q&A to let you know what’s happening this month. Q:...

Artsy Wednesday

Group Art <Left to Right> Sariel, Ashaa, Kaliska, Samuel, Elika and Jester Final art created by the wonderful, M-K-1!


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